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Cognitive Customer CX
for Retail

Inform, Serve, Personalize, Delight

Truly Personal
Customer Interactions

The retail industry is in the throes of major disruption with online purchase becoming the mainstream purchase mode. With decreasing store footprints, traditional methods are clearly not cutting it. Retailers must engage customers in context-specific personalized interactions across all touch points to increase wallet share.

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence with Amigo cognitive CX platform to bring personalised and unique digital experience to your customers. Create micro “moments” based on dynamic customer journeys and streamlined recommendations to understand implicit and explicit intents and proactively serve customers across all digital channels.

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Context based Automated recommendations & actions for true hyper personalization.


Remove friction & make customer journeys seamless by embedding voice, text, image, video & analytics.


Omni digital experience for automated query resolution, context specific targeting and seamless human handoff.


Predictive analytics to bridge customer and product attributes for insight based automated action.

AI for
Superlative customer experience

Pre-built AI solutions to increase retention, conversion, cross and upsell


Predictive analytics to power contextual journeys and real time insight based actions for increasing conversion, retention and cross sell.


Omni digital automated service with seamless human handoff. Across Web, Mobile, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa.


Frictionless interactions & seamless automation across journeys from Product discovery, Order management, offers & product recommendations.

Kick Start your Strategic journey towards AI-Powered Personalized Conversations


Go live in weeks with pre-built AI

Leverage pre-built omni-channel multilingual NLP chat & voice bots, with personalized customer journeys, customer profiling, relevant recommendations, and much more.


Customer Experience

Enhance customer experience with 24/7 availability across all Digital channels.


Customer Retention & Loyalty

Improve customer retention via enhanced CX Engage with your post sales with personalized loyalty offers.


Social Media Management

Complete social media management solution. Manage all your Mentions, Trends, Posts, Direct Messages and promotions.


Product Recommendation

Dynamic customer profiling for relevant personalized product recommendations.


Product & Store search

Real-time Product availability search with store location and Appointment scheduling.


Order Management

Digital Order management, delivery scheduling, complaint management, order tracking and more.

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