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AI in Telecom

4 ways AI is transforming CX for telcos

With millions of subscribers and a growing number of telco products, today’s communication service providers (CSPs) are struggling to maintain high-levels of service standards and delightful customer...Read more


Zalo for Business

Zalo, launched in 2012 to provide fast and reliable messaging on Vietnam’s 3G infrastructure, currently dominates the Southeast Asia Market. With over 100 million users worldwide and 900 million messages sent daily, it is quickly gaining popularity...Read more


Viber Chatbots

Viber is among the popular instant messaging apps in the world today, with an overwhelming user base of almost 1.17 billion as of March 2020. In the 10 years since its launch, the app has grown to become extremely popular among Eastern Europe and...Read more


Top 10 Chatbot fails and How to overcome them

Enterprise AI adoption is shifting from “Digital Lipstick” to the deployment of Humanised AI use cases which truly helps in solving real-world problems. Companies who deployed Chatbots as an easy...Read more


How to measure the impact of Personalization on your digital business?

Since you have reached this blog, you must have a successful Digital business up and running and are looking at personalizing your customer interactions...Read more


Boost First-time visitor conversion with Artificial Intelligence

Website traffic is often a result of well thought-out inbound marketing strategies, and the frustratingly low visitor conversion rates can be attributed to the use of wide net...Read more


WhatsApp Business 101

WhatsApp business is a fast, reliable and secure way for businesses to interact with their customers around the globe. With the launch of WhatsApp for business in 2018, it went from a messaging...Read more


Seamless Bot to agent hand-off

AI powered chatbots are transforming the customer service landscape for businesses across industries, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction through automation...Read more


Top 4 AI use cases for Digital Insurance

As per our survey on Linkedin conducted among a group of digitally savvy customers to assess the adoption rates of Insurance mobile apps, only less than 20% of the customers have at least one insurance...Read more


Chatbots Vs Aggregators

In order to improve sales and gain online exposure, both small and large restaurants owners are doing everything they possibly can, including signing up with aggregators who eat into their margins...Read more


Food Ordering Chatbots

Chatbots are one of the most popular means of customer interactions today. Creating contextual human- like conversations on messaging platforms can transform customer interactions and experiences...Read more


Top 4 AI use cases for Retail in 2020

Retail Industry is on the cusp of a massive digital change in 2020. While the industry has witnessed a gradual adoption of technology and digital transformation in recent years, 2020 will be....Read more


WhatsApp chatbot for Insurance

The Insurance Industry is witnessing the largest ever shift to digital channels across all the customer journeys. Declining mobile app downloads and limited in person interactions are driving....Read more


WhatsApp chatbot for FMS

WhatsApp Chatbot is revolutionizing the way businesses are interacting with their customers, across industries. Every business is going digital to meet rising customer demands for round the clock service....Read more