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Telecom Customer

Inform, Serve, Personalize, Delight

Cognitive Customer CX
for Telecoms

Lower ARPU and margins are causing disruption in Telecom business, leading to rapid transformation of Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) to Digital Service Provider (DSP’s).

Cognitive solutions are helping telecom companies simplify and automate their customer service and enhance emotional customer engagement.

TelcoBuddy enables all this and more by helping you leverage customer data and AI to offer proactive service, personalized offers & automated recommendations across own and partner ecosystem products.

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Context based Automated recommendations & actions for true hyper personalization.


Remove friction & make customer journeys seamless by embedding voice, text, image, video & analytics.


Omni digital experience for automated query resolution, context specific targeting and seamless human handoff.


Predictive analytics to bridge customer and product attributes for insight based automated action.

AI for
Superlative customer experience

Pre-built AI solutions to increase retention, conversion, cross and upsell


Predictive analytics for contextual customer journeys with real time action based insights for increased conversion, retention and cross-sell.


Omni-channel automated service with seamless human handoff. Voice & chat- Web, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Assistant, Alexa.


Frictionless transactions & seamless automation across all customer journeys- origination, eKYC, transactions, service-request, cross sell & upsell.

Kick Start your Strategic journey towards AI-Powered Personalized Conversations


Go live in weeks with pre-built AI

Leverage pre-built omni-channel multilingual NLP chat & voice bots, flexible & secure customer journeys, voice & face verification, behavioral cross-sell & upsell recommendations with a human in the loop.

Distributor Support

Distributor Support

Digitised Partner Management via remote registration, training, query resolution, product / package updates.

Digital Sales

Digital Sales

Lead & prospect management.
Product recommendation & conversion.

Cross-sell & upsell

Cross-sell & upsell

Delight customers through micro-targeted cross sell & upsell recommendation based on behavioral personas & current context



Expand your engagement base & manage bundles with eco system products.


Digital Customer On-boarding

AI based self service/video agent assisted eKYC with text extraction, videos, image and speech verification

Customer Service

Customer Service

Complete frictionless self-service solution like Load card, paybill, dispute grievance.

Authentication & Security

Authentication & Security

Ensure security via a multi-factor customer / distributor authentication.

Customer Engagement

Enhanced customer service experience via automated FAQs with context based query resolution. Improve customer engagement by context based hyper-personalized conversations.

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