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How to measure the impact of Personalization on your digital business?

Since you have reached this blog, you must have a successful Digital business up and running and are looking at personalizing your customer interactions...Read more


Boost First-time visitor conversion with Artificial Intelligence

Website traffic is often a result of well thought-out inbound marketing strategies, and the frustratingly low visitor conversion rates can be attributed to the use of wide net...Read more


Top 4 AI use cases for Digital Insurance

As per our survey on Linkedin conducted among a group of digitally savvy customers to assess the adoption rates of Insurance mobile apps, only less than 20% of the customers have at least one insurance...Read more


Top 4 AI use cases for Retail in 2020

Retail Industry is on the cusp of a massive digital change in 2020. While the industry has witnessed a gradual adoption of technology and digital transformation in recent years, 2020 will be....Read more